About the Guild

Singularity is a guild that strives to clear the latest content at a reasonable pace while keeping things calm, chilled and fun. We aim to clear ALL heroic content promptly and will dip into mythic if and when our performance and numbers permit. We understand that real life can sometimes get in the way of gaming, for some more than others. That is why our attendance expecations are more realistic than hardcore raiding guilds.

What Are We Looking For?

It's imperitive that you know your class and role intimitely and can perform to a high standard but we also want people that are not afraid to get involved with the community (in game and on discord). This goes for new and old players alike. Reach out to new recruits and help them integrate. Start groups for dungeons, quests and other side-content. Get involved. We would rather have a sociable 'OK' player over an unsociable excellent one.

You can read in more detail about our rules, expectations and important information by clicking HERE.


If our goals sound the same as yours, then we would love for you to apply today. Become part of the family and let's build a guild we can all be proud of.